1.  Teamwork
Class will have a discussion about the question "What makes a good partner?" Teacher and students will create a Teamwork T-chart including:  What does teamwork look like?  What does teamwork sound like?  This will introduce the project in our own classrooms.  We will show students a sample of what the end project will look like.
Time:  1 hour

2.  Building Partnership
Students will meet with their cross grade level to buddy share, read, and write.  Students will be forming relationsips across the grade levels and will be working with a variety of partners.  At the end of this activity, students will be given partners with their input as well as the teachers'.
Time: 20 minutes a day for 2 days each week for 4 weeks

3.  Story Creation
Partner work together to create their story.  3/4 students will work with K/1 students to create an dbuild a story including brainstorming, exploring interests, developing, and writing the stories.
Time:  20 minutes a day for 2 days each week for 4 weeks

4.  Choosing and Enhancing the Story
Students will choose a story from the stories that they have been brainstorming. They will map it, develop a beginning, middle, and end, develop character, setting, and main idea. By the end of this activity, story will be ready for production.
Time:  20 minutes a day for 2 days each week for 2 weeks

5.  Mapping Illustrations
Students will use illustrations that they have been working on and incorporate them into their story maps. Students will submit their story board for approval.
Time:  20 minutes

6.  Produce Story using Multimedia
Students will work together to produce their story through multimedia (Kidpix, Power Point, scanners, etc.).
Time:  30 minutes a day for 3 days each week for 4 weeks

7.  About the Author Video
Students will write out their "About the Author" blurb. They will then work with other students to create a video about themselves which will be included in their multimedia presentation.
Time:  Ongoing for 2 weeks as technology is available

8.  Oral Presentation Outline
   Students will create a "script" /outline for their presentation. They will then practice their oral presentation in front of peers.
Time:  25 minutes a day for 2 days

9.  Final Presentation
  Students will present their multimedia project (in partners) to groups of peers, parents, administrators, and other teachers.
Time:  20 minutes a day for 5 days.

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