In a laboratory exercise, students will answer whether specimens on display are living or not, and will give reasons for each answer. Students will be divided into groups to use the scientific method and determine if the specimen(s) assigned to their group are alive or not. The specimens will include refrigerated silkworm eggs, potato batteries, processed seeds and bulbs. Students will study the characteristics of living things and the steps in the scientific method. With help, students will design and conduct experimennts to determine if their assigned specimens are alive. Students will record and analyze data and use multimedia to presnt their research findings to the class. Students will also publish their original research on the class web site.

Students start 7th grade with all kinds of ideas and assumptions about what living and nonliving things are. Students will be given opportunities to express and document their views. Through the project, students will learn the characteristics of living organisms, the steps in the scientific method and teamwork. Students will learn to choose and use multimedia in the procees.   

Using the Scientific Method to Determine Whether Specimens are Living Organisms or Not



The scientific method is a systematic method to answer scientific questions.
There are certain characteristics common to all living organisms.
The internet is used in scientific research.
Multimedia is used in presenting research results.
Learning Objectives

Students will learn and practice the use of the scientific method.
Students will know the characteristics and needs of living organisms.
Students will learn and practice the use of the internet in research.
Students will learn and practice the use of multimedia in the presentation of research findings.
Students will learn and practice teamwork.



Activity 1: (A) Identification of Specimens Lab Activity: Living or Nonliving
(A) Students identify each of the specimens arranged on the laboratory counter, answer if it is a living or nonliving thing and give reasons for each answer.

(B) Students will get help and directions as they work in assigned groups, use the scientific metho...