Second and Third Grade students cutting and pasting vocabulary words into a glossary at the back of their notebooks.


Planning Time:

1. Meet with second and third grade teachers:Suggest students who might be on the tech team . Ask about what areas of the curriculum each teacher would like their students to focus on at this time.
2. Check equipment and computers in each room, gathering notebooks, supplies and permission slips from selected students.
3. Prepare notebooks and labels for students.
4. Decide which technology vocabulary to study with the students and have them ready for the childen to put in their glossaries.
5. Make word search to correlate with focus vocabulary.
6. Make server box model with strings and cardboard for internet connection to be used as hands on model.

November, December, January

  • Meet with team and share reasons for wanting to be part of the team.
  • Go over the requirements of the project.
    Server model and conduits
  1. Do tech hands-on learning activity
  2. Hand out notebooks
  3. Go over technology vocabulary for the month and answer questions (computer, laptop, server, lab, explanation of internet, etc.)
  4. Review glossary words (AC, batteries, to monitor)
  5. Take pictures for digital portfolio
  6. Have snack time and talk about any questions
  7. Share time using notebook logs
  8. Tech learning site field trip to locate all hardware and server connections
  9. Complete server hands on project to find how we connect to the internet, to each classroom, to the computer lab, etc
  10. Learn how to turn on the computer, get on line, move from site to site, scroll down techniques and record favorite sites in notebooks
  11. Draw a digital camera and tripod and label parts.
  12. Tech vocabulary for the month cut out and put in the notebook section.
  13. Field trip to student classrooms to turn on/off computers and practice locating sites on classroom computers.
  14. Field work on-their-own in their individual classrooms............. Turn on computers in individual classrooms and choose one online site from the school server each day to highlight, such as weather, joke of the day, word of the day,etc.
  15. Record notes in journal or on school server.

    Notebook journal

    Server journal

February, March, April

  1. Sharing time, notebook and calendar assessment.
  2. Monthly activity - look up joke of the day, write on server log, look up weather of the day and record for classrooms on class magnitized weather/joke “Search and Learn” board
  3. Field trip to classrooms to use printers
  4. Field work - print data from one site daily and record in individual classrooms and/or weather board
  5. Draw and label printer and scanner parts
  6. Record tech vocabulary for the month in journal

  7. Monthly activity - teach research tools, on Horrall Library site: books, internet, dictionaries, encyclopedias, dynix, maps
  8. Take pictures for digital portfolios
  9. Monthly activity -web site time/scavanger hunt
  10. Talk about school server and access to the internet through the server .
  11. Write in your server file or in your journal about your what you are learning.
  12. Send an e-card to a friend, relative, teacher or soldier.
  13. Draw computer - label parts
  14. Make your own word search
  15. Field work - search for daily weather and record on your classroom “Search and Learn” board.
  16. Take pictures using a digital camera, of things you like about Horrall.
  17. Make an iMovie using the digital pictures...
  18. Field Trip to the Tech Museum


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