Project Plan

Horrall Tech Team

1. Description: We will create a student tech team that will support the Integration of technology into the classroom. Students will learn the names and parts of the tech equipment in our school and how to access online sites and develop reference skills, thereby making real world connections to their curriculum.

2. Partners -Joanne Orlando and Margo Morrison will facilitate the project.

Margo Morrison is a third grade teacher at Horrall School in San Mateo. She has taught Kindergarten through 4th grade at Horrall School for 30+ years. She has a degree in History with a Masters Degree in Teaching. Margo has lived in the Bay Area for her entire life. She loves to read, travel and visit art museums.

Joanne Orlando is a second grade teacher at Horrall School in San Mateo. Her passion is teaching. Joanne has taught in grades, Kindergarten through Junior High, for the last 25 years. She loves books, gardening, arts and crafts, music and her dogs.

3. Rationale
We believe this project is very important to our teachers and students. Integrating technology into our curriculum will help everyone. We believe that real-world information is not getting integrated into the curriculum because the computers in our classrooms are not turned on and therefore information is not easily accessible to teachers and/or students. We hope to solve this problem by training second and third graders to be tech support people. These students will turn on the computers in their classrooms and also share with their peers research tools and skills that they learn about on the tech team.

4. Enduring Understanding(s)
The students will be able to identify sites that will help enhance classroom instruction. They will be able to access various real-world reference materials and web sites to provide support to the teachers in their classrooms. Making choices, solving problems, recording data, and working collaboratively are only some of the skills we hope the students on our tech team will achieve and internalize.

5. Assessment Strategies
We will assess the student’s tech knowledge at our first team meeting and base our instruction on that assessment.On-going assessments will be made through journaling done in the student’s notebook and their online journals. Demonstrations of student use and knowledge of the equipment to peers, teachers and parents will also help us assess our students. Anecdotal record keeping by facilitators will also be part of the mix.

6. Real World Connection-----------------------Utilize the internet and other technologies to enhance the instruction in the classroom (find images for vocabulary, find historical figures and famous places), thereby, enhancing basic thinking skills and personal qualities.

7. Technology integration -Students will create a digital portfolio of how they integrate technology into the learning structure of their individual classrooms. Teachers, students and parents will inform the direction of the facilitator’s instruction. Children will share web sites and how to access information (dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesaurus, dynix) with their classmates and their teachers.

8. Collaboration
Students will be chosen by homeroom teachers and facilitators.
Each grade level will have six to eight students. All second and third grade classrooms will be represented.

Students will work in small groups with buddies from their classrooms. The students will then go back to their classrooms and train their peers.

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