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This lesson will span over the entire year.  However, the following timeline is from the beginning of the 2003-2004 school year until the project due date which is at the end of February.

September and October:    The students will be given a pre-writing assessment and it will be graded by language arts teachers other than myself.  Students will be using Inspiration software to help organize their brainstorms.  The teacher will also guide the students to internet links that will give them ideas on how to use the writing process.  Then the students will be taught how to use and understand rubrics and how they apply to the writing process.  The students will be required to keep a journal for various writing samples as well as reflecting upon their own writing skills and how that makes them feel about themselves.

November:    Introduction of the Project Menu.  The students will then be informed about their choices for the project, what is required for each project, and each student will have an idea of which project they would like to do.

December:    Students will gather information for their project from the social studies, science and language arts curriculum.  

January:        The students need to have a completed rough draft of the written portion of the project and have a definite decision on which visual they want to produce to go with their presentation.

February:     At the beginning of the month, the students will be given a post writing assessment and it will again be graded by other language arts teachers.  Hopefully, students will see a gain in their writing abilities and furthermore, how they feel about themselves.  By the end of February, the students will have completed their final draft and the oral presentations will take place.