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Students will be introduced to the writing process from the beginning of the school year.  The writing will be implemented across the curriculum for all the students.   They will be keeping a journal of all their writing.  At the end of the project timeline, the students will be required to pick a project from the Project Menu that will include an oral presentation and a visual aid along with a final written draft.  The project will allow the students to reflect upon their improvements in their writing and how that improvement has effected their confidence in writing and their own personal confidence.

Students with disabilities have a difficult time putting their brainstorming ideas into written words.  Below is a passage outlining the difficulties that students with disabilities have with writing.

The support provided by computers may be especially beneficial for students with LD, who often find writing frustrating. Students with LD perform less well than their peers on a variety of written language tasks (Englert, Raphael, Anderson, Gregg, & Anthony, 1989; Graham, Harris, MacArthur, & Schwartz, 1991). They often have difficulty with the physical demands and conventions of writing and with fluent production of sentences. Many students with LD have difficulty coordinating the complex cognitive processes of setting goals, generating content, organizing their writing, and evaluating and revising their text. However, recent research demonstrates that instructional programs that provide (a) a supportive social context for writing in the classroom, (b) meaningful writing tasks, and (c) instruction in writing processes can improve the writing achievement of students with LD (Englert, Raphael, Anderson, Anthony, & Stevens, 1991; MacArthur, Graham, & Schwartz, 1993).

The improvement in literacy will give the students the confidence they need to work through and produce a well written final draft in any genre and therefore, get a taste of what it feels like to be successful.  This feeling of success is contagious and will go with them into the real world.  Then, they will truly understand that people do overcome circumstances to achieve great things.

Students will be put into groups of two or three.  The groups will be determined by a myriad of factors based on academic skills as well as personal attitudes.  As for technology the students will be taught how to use Inspiration, PowerPoint or Hyperstudio,  and the teacher will guide the students through appropriate internet sites to enhance the writing process. Furthermore, I would like the students to show improvement in their basic keyboarding skills.  

The students will be able to apply the technology skills they  learned to organize their thoughts.  The software applications will help with general knowledge of computer skills.  The writing skills will help students improve their writing in general and give them the confidence to approach any writing situation.  This feeling of writing confidence will carry over to their personal self-esteem because they will have experienced success.  Group work will teach the students that they need to be able to get along with others even if they do not see eye-to-eye. The project menu will allow the students to pick a project that they feel comfortable with and will fit their learning style.  It will also give the students some ownership to their grade.