San Francisco History Scavenger Hunt

DIRECTIONS: Read each clue below. Each clue tells about an event/place/ person in San Francisco history.  Use the list at the bottom of the page to connect to short information of each event/place/person. On the line next to each clue, write the correct information to the clue refers.

1. _____________________ This is the date and year that an earthquake   happened in San Francisco.

2. _____________________ This was one of the primary building of the the Panama Pacific International Exposition, which still stands in the Marina district of San Francisco.

3. _____________________ Stow Lake encircles two bridges in this San Francisco Park.

4. _____________________ This San Francisco Cable Car inventor’s father was an inventor in Great Britain.

 5. _____________________ This is the year the first Chinese immigrants came to San Francisco.
 6. _____________________ This law did not allow Chinese laborers to immigrate to the United States.

 7. _____________________ Many survivors of the 1906 Earthquake camped out in this park, which is in the Mission District.

8. _____________________ This person had a dream of building a bridge across the Golden Gate.

9. _____________________ An admirer of the fire fighters left funds to build a monument that resembled a fire hose nozzle.
Palace of Fine Arts
Andrew Smith Hallidie
1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
Golden Gate Park
Joseph Baerman Strauss
Lillie Hitchcock Coit
April 18th, 1906
Dolores Park