Our focus in science this year is life cycles, rocks & minerals, and simple machines. We will be doing lots of hands on activities and PBL in science!

Here are some of the units we will be doing:

Tulips: We will be determining if spring arrives at different times in the United States by comparing when the tulips we plant bloom compared to others states and areas. We will be doing lots of mappring to track our results!

Bats: We willl be comparing the life cyles of bird and bats after reading the book "Stellaluna." National Monuments to see how bats live.

Monarchs: We will be raising monarchs and graphing the unique migration of the monarchs throughout the year. We will take a field trip to Natural Bridges to see the monarchs.

Oceans: Students will be creating Power Point presentations comparing the life cycles of two ocean animals. We will be going on field trips to the tide pools and Monterey Bay Aqaruium.

Simple Machines: Students will doing lots of labs to explore using simple machines and discovering how they work. For their culminating project, we will decide as a class what simple machine we could build to help around school.

simple machine
rocks Rocks and Minerals: Students will be learning the ways rocks and minerals and categorized as well as their uses.