Lessons & Activities

Islands Exploration

All lessons and activities are designed to integrate into Oceanography, Ecosystem or Environmental Units of study.

1. Know Want to know Learned (KWL) ~

2. Islands Exploration: 3. Investigation and Experimentation ~ 4. Centers ~ 5. Literature Circles ~
Literature Circles are a fun and efficient way to integrate literature into any area of study for multi levels of students in your classroom. Possible fiction & non-fiction book selections could include: Introduce Inspiration to your students.  Either have them create Inspiration Creations based on their books, or brainstorm and use for their online projects.  Include "links" and  "connections" between their literature and their islands or material for reports.   Connections for text should include text to self, text to the world, text to text.  Connections for projects should include sites used for projects.  To find more information regarding "connections", see Mosaic of Thought or Mosaic of Thought Strategies.

6. Blue Planet Videos ~ The Discovery Channel's documentary series, Blue Planet, is a tremendous resource exploring our planet's ocean.  The footage and expanse of these four episodes is astounding!

7. Jason Project ~ The Jason Project is another great resource incorporating real world expeditions, scientists, communication and hands on projects for the classroom.

8. Field Trips ~ Monterey Bay Aquarium, San Francisco Aquarium, Redwood Shores Marine Center, Santa Cruz Marine Institute.

9. Virtual Field Trip ~ www.field-trips.org/tour/sci/oceank/_tourlaunch1.html