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Field trips to Hidden Villa are packed with so many discoveries, adventures and new experiences. After just one day at Hidden Villa, students from our class come back bursting with stories to share. Most of these stories are tales about the excitement of the day's activities. It's fun to entertain friends and families with detailed accounts of everything you did at Hidden Villa. Sometimes you might simply tell these stories outloud, however it's also a great opportunity to use all the details of the day to write a personal narrative. Learning this genre of writing is much easier when you have so many fresh and exciting memories to write about. Some students also find that their experiences at Hidden Villa inspires their imaginations to create fiction stories that take place in the much loved setting of Hidden Villa.


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"I think it’s important to share your stories because if you don’t share them you’ll forget them. So I think it’s important to tell your friends, family, pets and even your stuffed animals about your experiences at Hidden Villa." - Maria

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"As soon as I get home from HV I always tell my mom or dad what happened at Hidden Villa. It makes me feel really happy to tell other people my stories so that they could learn something about Hidden Villa also." - Jessica S.

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"When we were at the Hidden Villa river I was quickly inventing stories about the river and poems. And I like sharing these stories." - Jessica L.