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Imagine yourself in a classroom with trees for walls and the sky for its cieling. Inside you're encouraged to touch, taste, listen, observe and ask lots of questions. Here you discover learning for youself with each step or turn of your wheelchair. This is what school is like at Hidden Villa.

Hidden Villa is an environment education center nestled in the Los Altos Hills. At Hidden Villa students find there are endless things to explore and learn. On the farm students learn about the organic garden and friendly farm animals. Students also get the opportunity to hike through the forest on one of Hidden Villa's many beautiful trails. When classes come on overnight field trips, students get the chance to stay in the youth hostel and sleep in one of their cozy cabins.

Our class is very fortunate to have the opportunity to help Hidden Villa develop a new program. In this program we return to Hidden Villa during each season and integrate what we learn into extensive classroom projects back at school. During our partnership with Hidden Villa we have all learned an incredible amount about the environment and about ourselves.

We decided to created this website to share some of what we have learned with other students and teachers who are headed off on their own adventures at Hidden Villa. We hope our website helps you to enjoy your field trip and to find ways to bring your experiences back into the classroom.


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"One of the first things I think about is the Duveneck house and how they made it possible for us to go there. They shared their home with families and kids. When they died, they left Hidden Villa to us so we could take care of it." - Alam

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"I love HV because it’s a comfortable place and there’s respectful people that make you feel comfortable where you are. When I’m in the Hidden Villa forest I feel like I have so many questions and I want to know the answer. I don’t feel like that too much when I’m in the city." Armando

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"So like in a textbook it’s not actually happening; it’s not in YOUR environment. At HV its right here, it’s happening. We’re in the middle of it. And we learn information better that way." - Kelsey