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My classmates and I have been doing projects and writing letters to our Nicaraguan penpals all year long. We write to our penpals because we have a teacher who used to lived there and built a library there. My penpal, Grisell and I have exchanged many letters since the beginning of the school year. We’ve written them many, many times. Our teacher, Profé Kristina, has been going to back and forth to Nicaragua this year because she does similar projects with our penpals like when she’s with us. She has taken our penpals to beautiful places in the forest, like us. For example they went to the Nicaraguan forest of Tisey and we to Hidden Villa. After we got back from our field trips we both described how it looked and felt like. We also made videos for our penpals about Hidden Villa and they made videos about Tisey. We explained what we learned from our fieldtrips to the forest. –Liz