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In our class we all love Hidden Villa. There are so many reasons why! Some really love the opportunity to stand in the legacy of the Duvenck's generosity. These students enjoy visiting the Duvenck's house and learning how this family worked to protect the environment and support social justice in our community. Others appreciate spending the day with guides who model respect and kindness. Everyone can explain something they love about exploring the forest, farm and garden. And those who spend the night with their class enjoy telling tales of their stay in the youth hostel.


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"When I was studying about the Hidden Villa farm animals it reminded me of being with my grandfather in Mexico, I was helping him with his farm. That’s why I like learning about the farm animals at Hidden Villa." - Gisela

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Sometimes we like to go exploring in the mountains. If we’re quiet we get to hear animals that are in the bushes. One day when we were hiking we saw a deer crossing by us so we stayed quiet and so nothing happened, he didn’t run away or anything because we didn’t make noise." - Rolando

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"What I like about the Hidden Villa garden is that there are a lot of interesting plants and what makes the plants grow is the fertile soil. Hidden Villa uses a lot of nutrients from the compost pile instead of using fertilizers or pesticides that hurt the environment." - Cassandra