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Some people think the word knowledge only refers to learning facts. However, knowledge means much more than that! When you really know something, you understand the facts you learn and care about them. Sometimes it can be hard to change the facts we learn from books into new knowledge: you have to work hard to understand and care about the words typed on a page. At Hidden Villa, though, it's easy to discover new knowledge because you experience the things you learn. Also, students at Hidden Villa are encouraged to respect the environment and to feel compassionate for the things living there. This helps students learn to care about the information they learn during their field trip.


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"I like being in the forest because we can kiss the banana slug and hear the sound of the river, how it’s relaxing, and look at the animals that live there in nature." - Esteffany

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"When I’m at HV I feel excited because I want to learn about the animals, like salamanders, banana slugs and centipedes. Those are interesting animals and I liked finding them." - Javier

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I think it’s good to go to HV more than read in textbooks, because if you read in textbooks you won’t be able to witness it and you might not understand it, but if you’re actually there and seeing it happen, you’ll know what’s going on and you’ll understand." - Andrew