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Many teachers value field trips as a chance for students to learn more information about what they are studying in class. Hidden Villa certainly gives students tons of hands-on experiences that help them learn about all those science and social studies state standards. Just as important, though, Hidden Villa is a wonderful place to learn about yourself.

Connecting to nature inspires kids to open their hearts to new feelings. Hiking in the forest, kids feel brave, confident and peaceful. Discovering animal habitats in the forest, kids develop love for even the smallest of creatures. And working together in their groups, kids learn to support one another and to respect each other's differences.

Discovering new feelings and learning about yourself can be just as important as learning new information. What you learn about yourself at Hidden Villa doesn't just stay in your memories of your field trip; it can influence you every day. For example, when you discover that you are able to take on new challenges and be successful at Hidden Villa, that sense of self-confidence stays with you. Many students in our class returned to school with new feelings of confidence that has helped them take on challenging tasks in the classroom. Our class has also returned with a greater appreciation for the environment and for each other. This has influenced our daily decisions about how to act at school and at home.

There are so many ways Hidden Villa can help you learn about yourself. Search through the following webpages to find out what other kids have to say about how Hidden Villa helped them discover their heart.


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"When I went to HV I had the opportunity to climb a big, huge rock and it changed my experience of rocks and what I thought about them. I felt good because I’d never tried climbing rocks before." -Cindy

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"When I’m at HV I feel more peaceful and relaxed because there’s no noise and it’s all green. I’ve always felt like that because HV is a comfortable place." - David

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"I like writing poems about HV because if I feel sad or have a bad day and I read those poems they make me feel good because it reminds me of all my experiences at HV and I get something in my head that I can think of that is good." - Liz