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A wonderful adventure awaits you if you are getting ready to head out to Hidden Villa on a field trip with your class. There are so many opportunities to have fun while you learn at Hidden Villa. To really take advantage of them all, it can be helpful to come prepared. Here are five big topics the students in our class thought were important to know about before going to Hidden Villa. We hope that sharing our experiences and suggestions can help you will arrive at Hidden Villa ready to be a successful learner and have a great time.


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"My suggestion to other kids is that you have to be ready to learn when you go to HV because if you’re not ready to learn you’re not going to learn anything. You might get bored and be like looking at something else and not looking at your guide. Also, you should be ready to write down notes because you’re not going to be able to memorize everything you learn in one day." - Oscar

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"Keep your eyes open for creatures that might be under ground and don’t be afraid of them. While you’re seeing those creatures you might want to take some notes or draw a little picture of it: what it looks like and where it lives." - Uziel