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Hidden Villa changes people. Sometimes these changes can seem small, but even small changes can add up! For example, eating just a little healthier each day could really help you feel stronger and be better able to fight off those nasty colds. Also, if each person just produced a little less trash each day, we could save tons of waste from going into the landfill. There are so many small ways that we can all make our communities healthier for ourselves, our famillies and the plants and animals that share our environment. In this part of our website we would like to focus on how our experiences at Hidden Villa have inspired us to take action in our own lives.


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"After I came back from HV at home I started eating more healthy and eating junk food less often. I did that because I realized that junk food can make you kind of sick, but when you eat healthy it gives you more energy and it helps you become stronger. The way HV helped me learn this was that at HV they offered us healthy food and I realized that I liked the healthy food so I started eating healthier more often." -Max

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"You really do need to take care of the environment because the environment is everybody else’s environment to; it’s not just your environment. So you can’t just not take care of your part of the environment because that’s going to be hurting the other people’s environment too." - Micha

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"Hidden Villa has helped me be more respectful. Before going to Hidden Villa I hated bugs. But now I have a big respect for the poor bug that I hated because now I think that they are very helpful. Many insects are very helpful to the farmers that are planting things." - Fernando