Goals and Objectives

As you begin to look at the world through the eyes of a chemist, it is important for you to challenge your own scientific theories. As you perform experiments, complete activities, research and develop topics, as well as challenge classmates' views and ideas, begin to reflect on what you have learned, discover how many topics are interrelated, and why chemistry can enhance your understanding of the world as a young adult.



•  Students will gain an appreciation for a well-designed webpage.

•  Students will gain proficiency of technology tools, such as Dream weaver and PowerPoint, as a demonstration and learning tool.

•  Students will gain a general understanding of the topics discussed in class.

•  Students will gain a deeper understanding of specific topics within the chemistry content.

•  Students will appreciate the value of well-presented information and evaluate others work.

•  Students will reflect upon their work, both as a collaborative worker and a presenter within a group


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