Student Directions

Native Americans

Week One
Day One- Brainstorming with your  teacher & class  how families today meet their basic needs- housing, food, clothing.  Then                  brainstorm aspects of American culture, entertainment, and religion.  These are written on a large chart paper.   Next                      brainstorm the above information regarding what the class knows about Native Americans. 
Day Two- Write in your journal about the information you learned from the book and/or video.  
Day Three- Write your first & second choices of a job.   Groups pick first and second choice of tribes.
Day Four- Groups are to come up with research questions for their tribe.
Day Five- Research Note Taking Techniques using file folders with pockets and index cards is taught.

Week Two
Day One- Research Note Taking Technique is reviewed.  
Research begins using  books and encyclopedias.
Day Two- Research continues using  books and encyclopedias.
Day Three- Research continues using  books and encyclopedias.  Groups meet to discuss research.
        Journal- My Group
Day Four- Computer lab. Web Quest research
        Journal-Web Quest
Day Five- Computer lab. Web Quest continues.

Week Three
Day One-- Group meetings- What information do you have?  What do you still want to know? What new questions do you now             have?
        Journal- How My Group is Doing
Day Two- Research using encyclopedia CD-Roms
Day Three- Research using internet.  Gather pictures from the internet and put them into a folder on your desktop.
Day Four- Research continues using  books and encyclopedias.
Day Five- Group meeting. Discussion- Analyze your information. Discuss how the geography and 
surrounding natural resources of your tribe effected how the         tribe meet their basic needs & formed their culture.
        Journal- Tribe geography and location question.

Week Four
Day One- Lessons in paragraph writing and report writing are given.
         Journal - Paragraphing
Day Two- Using your note cards,  write a rough draft of your “expert” area on the tribe.
Day Three- Paragraph completed. Peer editing
Day Four- Word processing- Paragraph on tribe.
Day Five- Word processing- Paragraph on tribe.

Week Five
Day One- Word processing- Paragraph on tribe.  Import a picture or two from picture file onto paragraph. Peer edit. Print. Self                    assess using rubric .
Day Two- Group work- Using KidPix create a title page for your group report.
Day Three- Complete & print all paragraphs and title pages. The teacher will take all written reports to create a class book.
Day Four- Requirements & choices for written report are given.
Day Five- Group discussion. Oral report.

Week Six
Day One- Groups prepare for oral report using note cards.
Day Two- Prepare oral report and visual aides.
Day Three- Prepare oral report and visual aides
        Journal- My Group's Oral Report.
Day Four- Prepare oral report and visual aides
Day Five- Group presentations for the whole class. Self assessment and group assessments given.
         Journal- My Groups Oral Report.
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