Detailed Teacher Time Line

Week One
Day One- “Brainstorming” Teacher & class brainstorms how families today meet their basic needs- housing, food, clothing.  Then             they brainstorm aspects of American culture, entertainment, and religion.  These are written on a large chart paper.   Next they         brainstorm the above information regarding what children know about Native Americans.  This is written on another piece of         chart paper.  Both papers are saved.
Day Two- The teacher reads a book about Native Americans and/or shows a video. Children write in their journals about the                     information they learned.   Class brainstorms “tribes” & a list is created.
Day Three- Jobs are explained. Children write   first & second choices of a job.  Using this information groups are formed so that             each group has one each from the job list. Groups pick first and second choice of tribes. Teacher uses these to assign tribes.
Day Four- Tribes are assigned so that each group is a different tribe. Groups come up with research questions for their tribe.
Day Five- Research Note Taking Techniques using file folders with pockets and index cards is taught.

Week Two
Day One- Research Note Taking Technique is reviewed.
Research begins using  books and encyclopedias.
Day Two- Research continues using  books and encyclopedias. 
Day Three- Research continues using  books and encyclopedias.  Groups meet to discuss research.
        Journal- My Group
Day Four- Computer lab. Web Quest research
        Journal-Web Quest
Day Five- Computer lab. Web Quest continues.

Week Three
Day One-- Group meetings- What information do you have?  What do you still want to know? What new questions do you now             have?
        Journal- Group
Day Two- Research using encyclopedia CD-Roms
Day Three- Research using internet. Gather  pictures from the web and put into a folder on the desktop.
Day Four- Research continues using  books and encyclopedias.
Day Five- Group Meeting Discussion- Analyze your information. Discuss how the geography and
surrounding natural resources of             your tribe effected how the tribe meet their basic needs & formed their culture.
        Journal- Tribe Geography and Location Question.

Week Four

Day One-  Lesson in paragraph writing and report writing are given.
         Journal - Paragraphing
Day Two- Using their note cards, children write a rough draft of their “expert” area on the tribe.
Day Three- Paragraph completed. Peer editing
Day Four- Word processing- Paragraph on tribe.
Day Five- Word processing- Paragraph on tribe.

Week Five
Day One- Word processing- Paragraph on tribe.  Import a picture or two from picture file onto paragraph. Peer edit. Print. Self                 assess using rubric .
Day Two- Group work- Using KidPix create a title page for your group report.
Day Three- Complete & print all paragraphs and title pages. Teacher will take all written reports to create a class book.
Day Four- Requirements & choices for oral report are given.
Day Five- Group Discussion. Oral Report.

Week Six

Day One- Groups prepare for oral report using note cards.
Day Two- Prepare oral report and visual aides.
Day Three- Prepare oral report and visual aides.
        Journal- My Group's Oral Report.
Day Four- Prepare oral report and visual aides.
Day Five- Group presentations for the whole class. Self assessment and group assessments given.
        Journal- My Group's Oral Report.

Week Seven
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