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Native American Research Project 

Project Rationale
Students will be able to compare and contrast their life to the lives of Native Americans long ago.

Enduring Understanding

The geography and surrounding natural resources of  Native Americans effected how they met their basic needs and formed their culture.

Major Goal(s) and Associated Standards.
Students will analyze the American Indian nations in their local region long ago in terms of:

1.    The national identities, religious beliefs, customs, and various folklore traditions.
2.    How physical geography including climate influenced the way the local Indian nation(s) adapted to their natural environment (e.g.,         how they obtained their food, clothing, tools).
3.    The economy and systems of government, particularly those with tribal constitutions, and their relationship to federal and state                 governments.

Specific Objectives

1.    Students will be able to research Native American tribes in different regions in North America and conduct an oral presentation and complete a            written report.
2.    Students will be able to compare the daily life of Native Americans to their daily life.
3.    Students will describe Native Americans' housing,  diet, religious beliefs, customs, and various folklore and traditions.
4.    Students will be able to work as a team, share the information they find, negotiate and make decisions, and plan a long term project.  They will            use problem solving skills to make decisions on how to utilize the  information they are finding into a final presentation.
5.    Students will understand how Native Americans adjusted themselves in order to live in different regions. They will use critical thinking skills to            come to the conclusion of how their tribe lived in harmony with the land.

Real World Connection
The students will compare and contrast the daily life of American Indians to their daily life.

Technology Integration


I will explain the jobs they are to do, ARCHEOLOGIST, ARCHITECT, SOCIOLOGIST, and CULINARY AND CLOTHING EXPERT  .  I will have students pick their 1st and 2nd choice of a job. I will form groups so that one of each job is in a group. I will take into consideration GATE students, ADHD students, ELL students, struggling readers, and  spread them out among the groups.

 I) ARCHEOLOGIST: As the Archeologist, you will need to research the artifacts that tell us about how your tribe used tools, toys, musical instruments, or other ceremonial pieces in their lives. You must have pictures and/or a model along with your presentation.

  II) ARCHITECT: As the Architect, you will research the housing of the tribe. How was the housing constructed? Was it for one family or many? Why do you think the tribe built that type of housing? You must have pictures and/or a model along with your presentation.

 III) SOCIOLOGIST: As the Sociologist, you will research the rituals, myths, and ceremonies (such as the powwow) of your tribe. You will need to have pictures and/or a copy of a myth or legend told in your tribe, along with your presentation.

IV) CULINARY AND CLOTHING EXPERT: As the Culinary and Clothing Expert, you will research the basic diet of the tribe and the clothing worn by its members. What did they eat? Did they hunt and fish, grow food, gather food, or was it some combination of these practices? What did they wear? How did they construct the clothing? You will need pictures and/or samples along with your presentation.
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Project's Activities and Timeline

 Week One -Brainstorming/ prior knowledge
            Form Teams

            Teams Create their Research Questions

            Teach note taking
Week Two- Research
            Web Quest
            Teach internet
Week Three- Research
            Web Quests/ Pictures
            Teach encyclopedia CD-Rom
Week Four- Written Report
            Word processing
            Teach paragraphing
Week Five- Word Processing
            Import picture/Title page
            Self assessment
            Teach KidPix
Week Six- Oral presentations
            Visual Aides
            Self assessment
Week Seven- Kindergarten Presentation
            Class Book Comprehension  Activities
            Create iMovies

Assessing Prior Knowledge

Decisions The Teacher Will Make
Decisions  Students Make First Milestone or Short-term Goal  Second Milestone or Short Term Goal Final Product 
Main Innovative Features of  Project  Target Population and Number of Participants  Materials and Software Needed

Biographical Information 

        My name is Kelly K. Hudson.  I have taught for 20 years in private and public education. I now teach  third grade in the Mount Pleasant Unified School District at Valle Vista Magnet School.  I have taught there for the last seven years.  

Things to Consider When Replicating This Project

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