I will explain the jobs they are to do, ARCHEOLOGIST, ARCHITECT, SOCIOLOGIST, and CULINARY AND CLOTHING EXPERT  .  I will have students pick their 1st and 2nd choice of a job. I will form groups so that one of each job is in a group. I will take into consideration GATE students, ADHD students, ELL students, struggling readers, and  spread them out among the groups.

 I) ARCHEOLOGIST: As the Archeologist, you will need to research the artifacts that tell us about how your tribe used tools, toys, musical instruments, or other ceremonial pieces in their lives. You must have pictures and/or a model along with your presentation.

  II) ARCHITECT: As the Architect, you will research the housing of the tribe. How was the housing constructed? Was it for one family or many? Why do you think the tribe built that type of housing? You must have pictures and/or a model along with your presentation.

 III) SOCIOLOGIST: As the Sociologist, you will research the rituals, myths, and ceremonies (such as the powwow) of your tribe. You will need to have pictures and/or a copy of a myth or legend told in your tribe, along with your presentation.

IV) CULINARY AND CLOTHING EXPERT: As the Culinary and Clothing Expert, you will research the basic diet of the tribe and the clothing worn by its members. What did they eat? Did they hunt and fish, grow food, gather food, or was it some combination of these practices? What did they wear? How did they construct the clothing? You will need pictures and/or samples along with your presentation.
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