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EWYL Project: Electronic Portfolios



  • Students will be introduced to writing portfolios.
  • Students will make real world connections during this project as they organize their work like actual writers and artists do.
  • Students will begin to reflect on what they have created.
  • Students will learn ways to showcase their work.


  • Students will reflect on pieces of writing at regular intervals, and record their findings.
  • Students will improve their skills by noting items they have under control in their writing and setting goals for themselves based upon writing standards for second grade.
  • Students will improve their research skills, using dictionaries and thesaurus for revision.
  • Students will learn techniques used by artists, and demonstrate some of these in a piece of art created to match a selected piece.
  • Students will reflect upon their art, based upon their choice of media and color.
  • Students will collaborate with peers, cross-age helpers and parent volunteers as they work with templates in a presentation program.