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EWYL Project: Electronic Portfolios


Summative Assessment:

      • Students will be assessed on their PowerPoint presentation in the areas of content, technology skills, oral presentation and collaboration.

Formative Assessment:

      • Student writing will be assessed as part of this project. For some genres, a student generated rubric that is based upon state standards will be used.
      • Students will be assessed on the reflections they generate after each on-demand prompt. This will be accomplished through teacher conferencing in the writing workshop. Students will compile their findings on a teacher-created worksheet that will be used for the completion of the reflection slides in PowerPoint.
      • Students will be assessed on the quality of the art work they produce to accompany their writing, with focus on choice of media and colors and the reflection that explains those decisions.
      • Informal assessment will include:
        o Daily conferencing in Writer’s Workshop and teacher conference notes generated during this time.
        o Teachers will regularly look at student work in writing, including notebooks, drafts, try-its and other evidence of practice after mini-lessons. This information will help direct instruction in upcoming mini lessons.
        o Teacher observation during the Share portion of the Writer’s Workshop lesson, which can be structured to provide the teacher with specific information about the learning process.
        o Peer/Teacher feedback