Welcome to Webcrawl through Ancient Civlizations.  This is a multi-media project that is aimed at assisting 6th grade and 8th grade students improve their comprehension of the California State Standards in ancient history.  

6th Grade Project Outline:

1.      Cover the California Social Studies Standards through reading the text, completing group work projects, independent work, homework, videos, and traditional tests and quizzes.

2.      Once you have finished your regular curriculum for a particular civilization and are ready for a review, break your students into groups of four (there are eight major civilizations studied so for a group of 32 students four is good number, you will need to plan according to the numbers in your classroom).  Each group will be responsible for creating a PowerPoint presentation for their assigned civilization that will review the answers to Webcrawl questions for the rest of the class. Take your whole class to your computer lab and have your students each individually complete the webcrawl that has:
  •      questions generated to review the key components on the list of standards
  •      primary sources to interpret
  •      vocabulary
  •      maps
  •      important images
  •     summaries of information.
3.  Allow the whole class two periods to finish the webcrawl, but for the one group that is responsible for creating the PowerPoint presentation, they will need to finish it for homework.  On day two of the Webcrawl, while the rest of the class is finishing their questions, the presenting group will be creating their PowerPoint presentation. See PowerPoint tutorial

4. Directions for the PowerPoint presentation.

5.  Once the group has completed their PowerPoint presentation, have them present it to the rest of the class.

6.  After the presentation and the whole class is comfortable with the information, assign them to begin working on their final ancient civilizations poster project.  See Directions
7.  Give students as much time as you feel they need to complete the summary poster, this will help solidify key concepts from the unit.  Have students share their posters in small groups.

        Summary of project to be completed by 6th grade students:

                1.  Students independently complete ancient history webcrawl.
                2.  Group of four students create a PowerPoint presentation to be shown to the                          class to review the answers to the webcrawl.
                3.  All students make a poster project that encorportates the main themes of the                     unit that we just finished studying.
                4.  Students will take a final test on civilization if teacher sees necessary.
                5.  Repeat process for each of the ancient civilizations studied.

For 8th Grade Students:

  •  In the Spring of their 8th grade school year, as preparation for their Social Studies California Standards Test, students will complete the webcrawl as a review of information.  They may watch the PowerPoint presentations created by the 6th graders to help with comprehension.  This will conducted however the individual 8th grade teacher sees fit.
    •  Note:  Much of the 8th Social Studies Standards Test is based on 6th grade                         standards.