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daly city 1900
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daly city past and present

Project summary
goals and outcomes
sample project

Key Questions
What are land forms?
What are the land forms in our area?
What is a relief map?
How does our topography affect where people live?
What resources do people need in our community?
Where do they come from?
How do they get here?

(Units and Pages are from textbook,
*Landform quiz
*Research bay area topography.
*Getting What We Need Lesson 3 Pg.53
*Where people start Communities Unit 2 Pgs. 78-139
*Make a topographic map in clay.
*Synthesize the effects of topography on the settling of our community on student web page.

What is an ancestor?
Why did people immigrate to the area?
How have individuals contributed to our community's development?
What cultural traditions do our families have?

*Communites Have Histories Pg 56
*Many People, Many Ways of Life Pg.62
*Interview a family member about coming to the United States.
Write their story.
*Create an iMovie to tell their story using photos and computer images.
* Essay Test- Why do immigrants come to our community?
*Add a web page about immigration.
Who were the first inhabitants of the bay area?
How did their physical environment affect the way they lived?
What happened to the Native Americans when Europeans arrived?

*America's First Communities Pg. 164
* Create a map of local triblet locations.
*Research local Native Americans.
*Create a diorama showing an Early American village in our area.
*Create a web page about Native Americans in the area.
What cultural and religious experiences are unique to our families?
How are they alike and different?

*Demonstrate something that your family does during the winter break.
i.e.. a recipe, craft, celebration, etc.
* Create a poster celebrating different families traditions.
(Focus on science fair project.)

What animals and plants live in our area?
What special adaptations do they have to survive in this environment?
What are some different environments and their inhabitants?

*Research an animal and plant that lives in your area.
*Diagram the plant and animal.
* Identify the basic needs of all living things.
*Make a powerpoint presentation about your animal.
*Share your presentation.
*Create a web page about the flora and fauna in the area.

 What is the history of your community?
How have individuals contributed to its founding and development?
How have demographics changed?
*Read about Daly City's history.
*Communities Grow and Change Pg.140-163
*Our Countries Early History Pg.182-199
*Read about the Earthquake of 1906.
*Create a timeline of the community and post it to your web page.
* Research census data of the area.
* Create a circle graph of two different time periods and compare the demographics and post it to your web page.
*Field trip to the local historical society.