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daly city past and present

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Enduring Understandings
Each individual contributes unique talents to make their community successful.

Communities continually grow and change in response to the times and needs of the citizens.

Topography, climate and natural resources help determine how a community develops.

Each of us will have an impact on our community’s future by the way we choose to live our lives.

We are all part of the larger history of our community, its past, present and future.

The actions of those who came before us continue to influence our lives today.

We are all dependent on the actions of one another.

Students will identify the topography of the bay area and its affects on population centers.

Students will learn about their families contributions to the community.

Students will learn about the history of their community.

Students will research the Native Americans of their region.

Students will compare demographic changes using graphs.

Students will consider future challenges to their community.

Students will create 3-D topographic maps and interpret the land's affect on the area's development.

Students will interview an ancestor and create an iMovie and Powerpoint page telling about their immigration to the United States.

Students will create graphs using census data to compare the changing demographics.

Students will research, write a report about and create a Powerpoint page to educate others about the Native Americans in their area.

Students will research and report on the history of their community.

Students will create a timeline of the areas history and post it on their Powerpoint page.

Students will imagine the future of their community and write a fictional story.