ohlone house
ohlone hunter
daly city 1900
city hall

daly city past and present

project summary


* Ongoing Assessments
    - Observations
      - Journal writing including drawings, vocabulary, notes, responses to guiding questions, student reflections.
      - Textbook Quizzes and Tests
      - Essays on assigned topics (Ohlones, Landforms, Ancestor, Local Animal, Daly City History).
      - Diorama of Native American village.
      - iMovie of family immigration. (rubric)

* Summative Assessment
       - Powerpoint Presentation of Local Area (rubric)
Area Assessed
Develop a checklist of required details with the students. Determine how many details are required for each level of the rubric.
*Student has missing pages.
*Content is missing or inaccurate
* Student has attempted all assigned pages.
* Content is sometimes missing or inaccurate.
* Student has completed all assigned pages.
* Content is mostly accurate. 
* Student has completed all assigned pages.
* Content is accurate.

Oral Report
Develop a criteria with students considering the issues of fluency and expression.

* Student cannot be heard or understood.
* Not all information is presented.
* Student needs to speak somewhat louder or more clearly.
* Presentation matches information on the slides.
*Student speaks loudly and clearly.
* Presentation matches information on slides.
* Student speaks loudly and clearly.
* Oral presentation enhances content on slides adding new and interesting details.
Technology Skills

*Graphics do not support topic.
* Layout does not support topic.
* Errors interfere with understanding content.
*Minimal graphics.
*Layout is somewhat confusing.
* Several errors but content comprehensible.

*Appropriate  use of graphics.
*Layout clear and easy to follow.
* Few or no errors.
* Graphics  enhance topic.
* Creative layout.
* Contains no errors.