September / October

1. Choose students for Techno-Team.
2. Meet with team and share reasons for wanting to be
part of the team. Go over the requirements of the project.
3. Do tech learning activity.
4. Hand out backpacks and notebooks.
5. Set up notebooks.
6. Draw computer and label parts
7. Go over Tech vocabulary for the month and answer questions. (Computer,laptop, server, lab,
explanation of Internet etc.)
8. Take pictures for digital portfolio.

October / November

1. Sharing time (notebook logs)
2. Scavenger hunt (assessment) - tech learning activity
(Learn how to turn on the computer, get on line, move
from site to site, learn to bookmark, scroll down
techniques, and record favorite sites in notebooks.)
3. Draw a digital camera & tripod and label...
4. Tech vocabulary for the month.
5. Field trip to individual classrooms to turn on/off
6. Field Work (on their own)
Turn on machines in individual classrooms and pick
one on-line site to bookmark (weather , live cams etc.)
Record fieldwork in notebook.
7. Use digital camera to take pictures for digital portfolio.

November / December

1. Sharing time , notebook and calendar assessments
2. Monthly Activity- Teach research tools - Books, Internet, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Dynix, Maps
3. Draw and label printer and scanner parts.
4. Tech vocabulary for the month.
5. Field trip to classrooms-
Use printer and scanner, copy photos
6. Fieldwork- Print data from one site once a week (notebooks)
7. Take pictures for digital portfolios.
8. Web site time

January / February

1. Sharing time, notebook and calendar assessments
2. Monthly Activity - Use pictures to make an iMovie.
3. Draw video camera and label parts
4. Tech vocabulary for the month
5. Take video with cameras.
6. Web site time
7. Share project with school on Closed Circuit TV
8. Family Share Night
9. Field trip - Tech Museum

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