Major Goals and Objectives

1. The children will become familiar with the technology equipment at our school and how to use it. Basic operation of technological equipment and vocabulary related to it.

2. Work collaboratively and cooperatively with peers and others when using technology. Students will be able to share their knowledge and collaborate with others.

Specific Objectives

1. Students will use input and output devices related to computers. They will
learn the parts of the equipment and what it does along with the vocabulary related to it.

Third graders cut and paste vocabulary words into their notebooks.

2. Students will demonstrate how they access resources and information systems to gather information.

Access National Weather Service via school server live web sites folder.

3. A group of students working together as a team will show how they use their basic thinking and interpersonal skills to work through tech challenges.

Assessment Strategies

We will assess the student’s tech knowledge at our first team meeting and base our instruction on that assessment. Ongoing assessments will be met through journaling done in the student’s notebooks and our school online server, as well as, the calendaring of their field work.

E's comments from her file on our school server.

Demonstration of student use and knowledge of the equipment to peers, teachers and parents will also help us assess our instruction. Anecdotal record keeping by facilitators will also be part of the mix.

* First milestone or short-term goal?
Students will demonstrate their willingness to become part of the team and eager to learn and share their knowledge with others. The first goal is to learn the basic operation of the tech equipment and vocabulary.

* Second milestone or short term goal - Information literacy skills with a scavenger hunt activity.
* We will create a digital portfolio of student’s using various technology equipment. It will be on a web page.
*We will also have an evening share night with the parents.

Real World Connection

We will utilize the internet and other technologies to enhance the instruction in the classroom. The students will use basic skills , problem solving techniques and cooperative strategies.The students will work in classroom pairs and grade level or mixed grade level teams.

Integrating Technology into this project.

We will create a digital portfolio of how the children integrate technology into the learning structure of their individual classrooms. Teachers, students and parents will inform the direction of the facilitator’s instruction. Children will share web sites (weather,joke of the day,word of the day,word searches,e-cards etc.) and how to access research information (dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesaurus) with their classmates and their teachers.


We will create collaborative groups in consultation with their homeroom teachers and facilitators.

-- Each collaborative group will have six to eight students. All second and third grade classrooms will be represented.

Students will work with their partners and/or the project team
--Students will work in small groups with buddies from their classroom. We envision this as a trainer or trainers model where members of each group will go back to their classroom and train their peers.


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