Specific Objectives:

 Students will be in groups of  three or four children, and they will design a mini-lesson of their choice to teach second language learners a skill or topic of study like: weather, time, calendar concepts  (days of the weeks, months of the year),  synonyms/antonyms, figurative language terms, etc..   Students will design their lesson plan as a group. They will design props, gather graphics, music, digital photos, hands-on materials, and  personal art products  to use in their mini-lessons.  The class will review and edit the lessons to improve them using a student designed rubric.  Students will use Power Point or iMovie to record their mini-lessons, and then the teacher will put the Power Point or iMovies  onto links that will link to  the  El Toro Elementary School web page.  All students will keep a journal throughout this project to record their thoughts, plans, goals, progress, and areas to improve upon.   The journal will also be a place to record tech information that they will need to remember to apply to their project development.

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