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Students will complete a series of activities that prompt them to explore, research, and remember their own history.  In addition, they will make predictions for their future!  One of the most humorous activities is Me:  Then, Now, and Later.  Students gather pictures or make drawings of themselves at birth and at middle school age. Then, they find a picture or make a drawing to  predict  what they might look like when they are forty years old!

This project is easily adapted to meet the strengths, interests, and abilities of the students participating.  Students will work collaboratively during the process of the different activities, but they will  each produce their own products.  It is easy to modify the number of tasks completed, the length of responses, as well of the level of independence.

Click on the TASKS button to see the various writing assignments and Power Point activities.

The TIMELINE button links to a page that maps out the proposed calendar.  As the year progresses, specific time schedules will be added as well.