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Section 1: Title Page
Prepare to enter a world of laughter, heartache, lunatics, and self-discovery.

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is a coming of age story that makes readers of all ages ask the question, "In the course of a lifetime, what does it really matter?"

Section 2: Book Summary
Walk Two Moons is a story within a story. The main character, Sal, is "trapped" in the car with her zany, fun-loving grandparents on a trip across country. To pass the time in the car, Sal tells her grandparents the story of her recent move to a small town from the country, her bizarre and enlightening friendship with a paranoid girl, and her exciting adventure when her new friend's mother disappears.

Sal's purpose for sharing her story with her grandparents is twofold. Not only does it help pass the anxious time in the car, the retelling of the past months help Sal understand her own search for her missing mother and the confused feelings associated with her personal loss.

Section 3: Main Problem and Resolution
The main problem to be resolved in the book, Walk Two Moons, is the absence of Sal's mother. In her race across country to "bring her mother back" Sal must face her ultimate fear. On the road Sal begins the retelling of Phoebe's story as a means to understanding the mixed-up feelings inside of her. She entertains both her grandparents and readers alike with the antics of her teenage friends in small town America. Through the retelling and a few mini-adventures with her grandparents, Sal learns the hardest lesson of all: sometimes you can't bring someone back through love alone. Sal does discover that life still goes on. More importantly, she realizes that the people in her life she loves most will never cease to loose their special place in her heart

Section 4: Character Analysis
Sal and Phoebe quickly become inseparable friends despite their opposite personalities. Sal is a deep, quiet, reflective tomboy. Phoebe, on the other hand, is a drama queen. She consistently exhibits her paranoid, shallow, know-it-all personality throughout the story. Although Phoebe's character is snobby and disagreeable, the reader can't help being drawn to her. One discovers that the major reason for Phoebe's foul personality is a deep unhappiness within. It is perhaps this sadness that serves as the bond between Sal and Phoebe. The reader witnesses a great change come over Phoebe as she suffers panic and heartbreak once her mother leaves. Sal, too, is living through her own painful experience for much the same reason ... a missing mother in her life. The two friends are at times comical because of their different approaches to life & their headstrong ways. At other times, Sal and Phoebe help the story become wrought with complexity as the two struggle to make sense of the uncontrollable events in their lives. Without Phoebe's story, Sal would not be able to reflect on her own situation and the life lessons learned from it.

Section 5: Real World Connection (title slide)

Slide 6: Theme of Walk Two Moons
The underlying theme in Walk Two Moons is one of self-discovery. Sal must face emotions that range from grief, to fear, to anxiety, to compassion, to courage. She falls in love and witnesses death. Sal supports a friend in need while protecting a broken heart. How could one fourteen year old girl handle all of this? Sal must grow up fast and learn hard life lessons. By the end of the book, our heroine is comfortable in her own skin & has a peaceful heart.

Section 7: Relevance to Real World
The theme of self-discovery is timeless. It is personal challenge that countless people have struggled against. It is as relevant today as it ever was. Most teenagers face some aspect of self-discovery as they enter their middle school years. We are growing up, asserting our individual beliefs, and standing up for what we want. A lot of friends that are questioning themselves, their friends, and even their parents. Self-discovery is about feeling confident that your heart knows best. It is about facing the uncertainties that new paths in your life lead you. It is hard to imagine that any person, whether young or old, doesn't encounter at least some degree of self-discovery in their life.

Section 8: Personal Recommendation (title slide)

Section 9: High Points
High points in Walk Two Moons are many. Sal's country life in Bybanks is happy and carefree. There she has the infamous "kissing tree". Once Sal moves to Ohio she meets a fun and mellow dramatic cast of friends. Sal and Ben realize they are soul mates. Sal and Phoebe embark on the adventure of uncovering the identity of a lunatic. The girls visit to the police department & discover a surprising connection between characters. There are Sal's lovable grandparents and their mantra for everything,"Huzza - huzza!" Sal's solo drive to "the spot" is so suspenseful that readers are beside themselves. However, the happiest part of the book is the homecoming of Mrs. Winterbottom.

Section 10: Low Points
Low points in Walk Two Moons include Sal's move from her beloved country home. Once Sal and her dad settle into their new "cookie-cutter" home, Sal must cope with her father's unexplained relationship with the awful Mrs. Cadaver. Other aspects of the story that are hard are the sadness and unrest that seems to be prevalent in both households. Both mothers eventually leave their homes sending their families into the chaos of living without pivotal members of the family. There is the tragic snake bite that devastates the Hiddels. Of course, the lowest point is when the reader is hit with the knowledge that Sal's mother isn't coming home.

Section 11: Personal Recommendation
I loved the book Walk Two Moons. This book was absolutely hysterical at times. I loved the trouble that Sal's grandparents got in. One especially funny part was when Grandma Hiddle danced in the center of the Native American celebration.

The book was also incredibly sad. I really felt Sal's loss as she coped with her mom's absence. The Winterbottom family was another sad group. I felt sorry for their seemingly perfect life, when it was so apparent that Mrs. Winterbottom was unhappy and felt unappreciated. I broke my heart how she tried so hard to talk to her daughters and they, in turn, didn't give her the time of day.

Of, course, the coolest thing about Walk Two Moons is the countless surprises and twists in the plot. I thought is was so clever how by the book's end all the loose ends were tied up. We knew who the lunatic was. We knew who was really leaving the messages. We understood the special relationship between Sal's dad and Mrs. Cadaver, and we discovered the truth behind Sal's mom's absence.

Walk Two Moons is not a dull book in the slightest. Rather, it is engaging and moving. There were times when I laughed out loud and times that I cried. If you like books with complex storylines and unexpected endings, then I highly recommend this novel.

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