1 & 2
Data Sense Tool Kit
Groups will read through "Data Sense" Tool Kit and create a glossary. They should be able to identify a stem-and-leaf plot, frequency table, bar graph, histogram and line plot.  This will be the first assignment in their portfolio.
Data Collection
Students will collect and record various data.
Students will review different types of graphs using They will complete the questions and activities on this web site.
Venn Diagram
Students will create a venn diagram comparing and contrasting line plots, bar graphs, and histograms. Students will also create line plots, bar graphs and histograms from data collected on day 3.  Students will be assessed using participation quizzes.
6 & 7
Measures of Central Tendency
Day 6 - Students will review mean, median, and mode.
Day 7 - Students will complete menu stations in "Data Sense".  Students will be assessed using group quizzes.
Scatter Plots
Using the data completed on day 3, students will create 5 scatter plots illustrating at least one example of positive correlation, negative correlation and no correlation.
Box-and-Whisker Plots
Students will learn and create box and whisker plots from data collected on day 3.
Misleading Graphs
Class discussion to compare newspaper ads using the same data, but projecting a different meaning. Introduction to Excel Chart Wizard.
11 & 12
Travel Brochure
Students will manipulate data to create San Diego travel brochures for targeted audiences (families, sailors, college students, and retired folks).  Travel brochures will be graded on a rubric.
Project Launch
Students will view the sample final project. We will review criteria and grading rubric for final project.  Students will begin to brainstorm and research their projects.
Story Board
Pairs will develop their story boards on paper and submit them for review.  Story boards must be approved before they begin their Power Point slides.  Research is on-going.
Power Point Tutorial Teachers will introduce Power Point.
16 - 18
Project Time
Students will have time in the computer lab to work on their projects. 
Peer Review
Students will practice presenting to 2 classmates.
Classmates provide feedback.
Pairs will present their projects to the class.