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November 4, 1804

The men of the expedition continued working on construction of a winter shelter, named Fort Mandan. This structure is across the river from the main village of the Hidatsa and Mandan Indians, a friendly tribe.

Men of the expedition were also out collecting supplies to last over the winter. Alot of game, buffalo and elk, was killed by the hunting parties and returned to the camp.






New Members

Some of the natives brought a French trapper and his wife to meet Lewis and Clark. Toussaint Charbonneau and his Indian wife, Sacagawea, asked to join the party. With the loss of Sergeant Floyd in August, it was felt that an addition to the party would be helpful. While concerned that Charbonneau's wife was pregnant, Lewis and Clark decided that having a woman along would be good, because war parties did not take women with them.

Although Charbonneau turned out to be a bit of a bungler and coward, Sacagawea became one of the greatest assests among the expedition members. Her knowledge and abilities became critical to the survival of the expedition.


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