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Student Directions


Major Milestones

Preproduction - Week 1

Geography challenge, survey return and tabulation (individual assignments)

Production Phase I - Week 2

Video clip completed by each group

Small group web page completed

Production Phase II - Week 3

Interview video clip and final class web page



Students will work in groups and collaboratively to gather information about about Lewis and Clark and their expedition.

Students will brainstorm a KWL chart to help them see what they know and what they need to know.

The class will develop a survey and poll their target audience, adults, to further refine the information they will include in their project.

Collaborative groups will gather information about several subjects: challenges faced by Lewis and Clark, preparation for the expedition, mapping/surveying, communication and Economic Incentives for exploration.



Production, Phase I

Students will form into new groups, each with one 'expert' from the preproduction groups.

Collaborative groups will decide what material needs to go onto their web page.

Groups will also write a script, gather props and costumes, film and produce a video clip of about two minutes in length.

Find resources to research Lewis and Clark here


Production, Phase II

The final phase of the project will look at whether travelling with Lewis and Clark would prepare a person to compete and win on 'Survivor'

To this end, students will develop a web page, write a script with at least 60 percent historically accurate information, gather props and costumes, film and produce a video clip of about two minutes in length.

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