From Chicks to Chickens : A Life Cycle
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roject to integrate technology into the Second Grade curriculum
EWYL 2004 Deborah Arambula
River Glen School Two way Immersion program





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This is a project to be implemented at River Glen, an award winning school, which has long been focussed on the core curriculum and our special magnet program, Two Way Immersion. This project is just the first step in a training model where the resource teacher surveys grade level teachers and collaborates with them to integrate technology into projects already in usage. Then the resource teacher designs and models the lessons with the classes. Finally the teachers assesses the student learning, their own learning and decides how to use these lessons in the years to come. The intention is to repeat this process with each grade level in our K-8 school, over the next two years. This first project will be with Second grade as they study animal life cycles, and focus on the stages of development of birds. POLLITOS means little chicks in Spanish and is a great motivation for