Students will participate in a variety of individual and group activities to help build their understanding of the various ways to collect and display data.  In the beginning, the class will collect data in the classroom.  This data will be used to create bar graphs, histograms, frequency tables, scatter plots, line plots, box-and-whisker plots, stem-and-leaf charts and the measures of central tendency to create a portfolio.  By using the same data in a variety of forms, students will develop an understanding of how changing the data display, changes the audience's perception. 

     This unit will culminate in two final projects that simulate real world situations.  In one, students will manipulate data to create travel brochures for a targeted audience.  In the other,  the students, acting as ad executives, will develop a multimedia presentation to sell a product. (Student Directions)

     This unit focuses on the California Seventh Grade Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability Standards.