Digital Media Fall 2004

Instructor: Carmel Crane


Course Description
This semester long course provides a foundation in media arts and electronic media. It is a project-based course and requires a high level of collaboration and in class participation. Projects will concentrate on the development of real world projects involving media such as the production of CD covers, posters, logos and an ePortfolio. Students will work in production teams to create digital media using software that is commonly utilized by contemporary media professionals. In addition to developing a portfolio of their own work, students will conduct research and present information on leaders in the field of digital art. Students will think about visual communication and deconstruct how outstanding work is created. Students will debate ideas that relate to creative expression such as copyright law and sampling and also develop a strong critical eye and vocabulary with regards to artistic expression.

Learning Objectives
After the sucessful completion of this course you will be able to do the following:

1.Evaluate your artwork and the work of others using vocabulary and terms that relate to visual communication.
2.Navigate and utilize a variety of software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver.
3.Understand formal concepts of good design in art and electronic media.
4.Discuss the major historical influences with regard to digital media.
5.Use media to relate ideas about other subject matter such as politics and/or social issues.
6.Develop discipline, concentration, time-management and organizational skills.
7.Identify a variety of career options within the field of digital art.

Resources and Materials
For this class you will need some way to save your work (CD, Media Card)
You wil need a place to organize your handouts, notes and ruberics.
You will need a binder and 8"x11" sheet covers to protect digital printouts.

Grading will be based on the following formula:

10% Class Participation and Behavior
20% Individual Performance on Projects
20% Group Projects
10% Blog and Self-Reflection journal
10% Presentation
30% ePortfolio Final Project
05% Extra Credit

Grading Ruberics
(to be created)

Behavior Contract
Technology Standards