Week 1
Day 1
Introduce Chapter 16 Organizing the Elements

Prompt:  What do you know about the periodic table?

Discover activity:  Which is easier?” (explains why organizing information is important)

H.W.  Read chapter and answer workbook pages

Day 2
Review workbook answers

Background Activity “Who is Demitri Mendelev?”  Discuss history of periodic table.

Day 3 S.T.A.R. notes on Periodic Table

Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt (Students learn how to find information)

H.W. “ What is the Periodic Table” worksheet

Day 4
Review H.W.

Introduce “Essential Elements” Project

Show sample projects

Students choose element

Begin research in class using encyclopedias

Day 5
Review web sites students will use to research their elements

Students will complete a scavenger hunt to become more familiar with the layout of the various sites.
Week 2
Day 1
Begin research on internet for selected element

Day 2
Continue research on internet for selected element

Day 3
Introduce how to use a story board

Students create a story board to map out their power point presentation

Day 4
Intoduce Power Point

Students begin designing their power point

Day 5
continue work on presentations
Week 3
Day 1
finish creating presentations

Day 2
review presentation guidelines

students present to 2 classmates to receive feedback and to practice

classmates provide feedback

Day 3-5
Class presentations - students take notes on various information.
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