Project Description

The periodic table has been a fixture on the classroom wall in many science classes but what does it tell us?  In this project you will see that the elements on the periodic table not only have many real world uses, but they are also the building blocks of all life in the universe!  Your assignment is to research a specific element on the periodic table to find out about the elements history and uses.  You will use your research to develop a power point presentation to teach the class about your element.  After all projects are finished we will link them to a class periodic table on the internet. 

The Task

You will become an expert on your element through research on various web sites and resources.  Your research will be used to make a rough draft story board that will be an outline for your power point presentation.  Your power point presentation must include:

  • Cover slide with element name, symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass.

  •  History of your element

    - who discovered your element

    - when it was discovered

    - how your element was named

  •  Physical Characteristics

    - melting point

    - density

    - other characteristics (color, odor, whether its explosive, radioactive, etc.)

  • Interesting Facts about your element

  • Find and insert an electron shell diagram of your element.  Explain how many electrons it has in each shell (including valence shell).

  • Describe at least 2 uses for your element.  Include at least 2 pictures that support your uses.

  • List your resources!  At least one besides the internet, plus at least two web pages.

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