Home of the Sharks! Room B-16

Welcome to 6th grade...I have been resting up and am eager to start my 9th year at Buchser Middle School.

I am currently working on this webpage so remember that it is under construction!

Dates To Remember:

Track the Cat: 9/24/06

Time: 2:00 to 3:30

First Day of School: 9/28/06

Time: 8:15 to 2:54

Things to Know:

You will be given a supply list on the first day of school. Please wait until then to buy your supplies so you are not buying any unnecessary items.


Proud member of the bobcat team.

Shark Wishlist:  
Kleenex Whiteboard Markers
Fan Color Pencils
Electric Pencil Sharpener Computers/Laptops
Snacks for Homework Club Gel Pens
Lined Paper Red Pens
Three Hole Punch