• Throughout their middle school career, students will create an ongoing Hyperstudio/PowerPoint e-portfolio in which they evaluate different cultures throughout history in order to better understand the world they live in today.


  1. Students will reflect on daily learning by creating storyboards for essential topics being studied.
  2. Upon completion of each unit, students will select one or two essential topics/elements of culture on which to create a revised storyboard.
  3. Upon completion of the revised storyboard, students will cooperate in collaborative groups to evaluate members' storyboards.
  4. In their collaborative groups, students will design a group storyboard, compiling the individual revised storyboards.
  5. As a final product, each student will produce a Hyperstudio stack/PowerPoint slide show for one or two essential topics/elements of culture that will include:
  6. Multimedia components (text, graphics, sound, video, etc.).
  7. Minimum of four cards.
  8. Conclusion card where students will connect the history with the world of today.
  9. For review, students will compile group members' stacks/slide shows, which will include:
  10. Title card for compiled unit stack/slide show.
  11. Table of Contents card for compiled unit stack/slide show.