The Sonoma Valley Palimpsest Project:

Layers in the Landscape
Sample Projects
The Assignment

This project will consist of three phases:

Pre-Production: In the beginning you and your partner will be gathering the information you will need to complete your project. The better you are at gathering this information, the easier it will be to complete your final task.
The Classroom Palimpsest Investigation / Project Overview           
Field Study: Pounding the Pavement                          
Gadgets and Gismos Orientation: What We Have and How to Get It        
Citation and Copyright: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due                        
Interview: The Art of Asking the Right Questions                  
Traditional Research: The Backbone of Historical Investigation           

Production: As a team you will create a Microsoft Movie Maker presentation that will tell your story to your fellow classmates.

To Movie Maker and Beyond: A Brief Introduction to Movie Maker and the Network   
Story Boarding: Not Just For Hollywood Directors Anymore           
The Big Project: Developing Your Multimedia Presentation                      

Post-Production: It's time for the big show! Together we will be viewing the layers of Sonoma’s Palimpsest as uncovered by this class. You will be surprised at the history all around us!

Peer Assessment of Movie Maker Presentations
Class Discussion / Wrap-up                                     

"The Assignment" for Educators This is a link to "My-ecoach" and the project plan. Access to the handouts as well as to the lesson plans can be found here.                                       

"The Assignment" for Students
This is a link to the student hand outs for this project. It includes several assignments, the project timeline and rubrics.