The Sonoma Valley Palimpsest Project:

Layers in the Landscape
Sample Projects

Ms. Gilman

      Many people and organizations have assisted me with time, resources and encouragement on the never ending road to becoming a better teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them. A teacher, like the landscape, is a palimpsest, made up of many layers of training and experience. I can only hope that the final product meets with their approval.

The Vadasz Family and Sonoma Ed. Foundation -
In July of 2004 the Vadasz Family and the Sonoma Ed. Foundation sponsered SVHS librarian, Nancy McEnery,
and myself at the intensive 2004 Earn While You Learn Institute at the Krause Center for Inovation in Los Altos. In three challenging weeks we studied the application of new technologies to classroom curiculum and project based learning. The culmination of that training can be seen in the "Sonoma Valley Palimpsest Project".

Slade Backer and the Sonoma Teaching Project
In July of 2003 I had the privilege of attending a two week seminar on field study methodologies at Durham University, England with the Sonoma Teaching Project. Slade Backer, besides being a wonderful traveling companion, organized the trip, all of the necessary resources and has provided numerous opportunities for follow up and support.

Miriam Hutchins and the North Bay International Studies Project
In August of 2001 I attended a "Teaching India" seminar at Sonoma State University. That seminar opened doors to opportunities I could not have dreamed of at the time. Follow up seminars consisted of my  introduction to, and training in, performance based assessment. The following summer I traveled with Miriam and a group of North Bay teachers to Cuba for a "reality tour" on a North Bay International Studies Program grant. I have been lucky enough to have traveled to many different countries and  I have never had a more incredible or life changing experience.

Glen Moll and the technology support system in the Sonoma Valley Unified School District
Glen Moll has dedicated a tremendous amount of energy and leadership to provide access to technology and training for both faculty and students. It is often an uphill battle.  Due to budget cuts, the approximately 300 computers on our campus and the system that supports it do not have a full time tech. DJ Palzolo, the district computer technician, works hard to keep us up and running while balancing the needs of seven other schools and the district office. There are also several teachers on our campus without whom many computers would have met untimely ends out of shear frustration (I have been tempted to toss mine out of the second story window on more than one occasion). Marian Rasmussen, Gary Neville and Ken Bystrom have demonstrated unbelievable patience in dealing with the daily onslaught of technological questions and concerns. Together, they keep us running!

Mini-Autobiography: Bernadette Gilman

Picture of Bernadette

As alumni of Sonoma Valley High School (Class of 1994) I feel a special connection with both the community and the school that I teach in. After graduation I completed four years of NCAA Track and Field and a BA in History Social Sciences at Chico State. I returned to the Bay Area and attended Dominican University in San Rafael for my teachers credential. My first year out I taught art at Altimira Middle School. I was hired at SVHS in 2000 and plan on being there for a long time to come. I am proud to be the owner of a beautiful little 1937 fixer-upper in Boyes Hot Springs and am a strong believer in the importance of teachers living in the community in which they work. Currently I am an assistant Track and Field coach, assist with the weight room, serve as a union site rep, teach drivers ed. and am a support provider for PAR (Peer Assistance and Review).  In the coming year I will be teaching CP (College Prep) US History, CP World History and ESL World History.

* Special thanks to the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau for the wonderful photo of the Sonoma Plaza 1871.