2017 - EWYL Best Practices

2 Heritage House 919 S Main St., Snowflake, AZ 85937 What Is EWYL? EARN WHILE YOU LEARN is an amazing curriculum program that has changed the lives of tens of thousands of men and women across the nation. The curriculum has been used by nearly 1,000 Pregnancy Resource Centers to offer both hope and help to those who need it most. Almost all of these centers have seen an increase in their abortion vulnerable visits leading to lives saved. Earn While You Learn is then used to help those very same women who chose life for their babies to learn, grow, and under- stand how to parent children and improve their lives. Using EWYL, PRCs have made generational changes in their communities that will save and change lives for many years to come. EARNWHILE YOU LEARN: • Increases abortion vulnerable visits • Teaches clients through easily administered lessons • Increases donors and donations • Fosters a professional and loving environment • Creates opportunity for community outreach • Covers many important topics in 43 modules and 215 dif- ferent lessons. • Stays up-to-date with current information EWYL Best Practices This booklet is designed to give you the knowledge you need to run EWYL in your center with the maximum impact on your clients in the most efficient manner. EWYL can be administered in many different formats, but many of the best practices still apply to all centers. The Goal of EWYL The goal of EWYL is changed lives that will save lives. Heritage House is providing the tools that PRCs across the nation use to meet the huge education and relational needs of young mothers. While filling this need, the center is not only making changes that will last generations, they are also creating missionaries for life inside of the most abortion vulnerable communities. The goal is to save and change lives. What Is in the Curriculum? The EWYL curriculum covers subjects from pregnancy, birth preparation, drug use, baby care, first aid, life skills, discipline, nutrition, and much more. The subjects are divided by packs, which are: Pack Name Modules Content Main Cur. Pack 12 Modules First Trimester to Early Infancy Toddler Pack 3 Modules Parenting and Discipline, Ages 1-3 Parenting Pack 11 Modules Parenting and Discipline, Ages 3-10 Life Skills Pack 5 Modules Finances, Abstinence, and Careers Bible Study Pack 3 Modules Basics of Christianity (OT, Gospel) Special Circ. Pack 3 Modules Abuse, Drugs, Miscarriage, Adoption Auth. Manhood Pack 2 Modules Being a Man, Being a Dad Practical Father. Pack 2 Modules How to Be a Father Practically Positive Partnerships 2 Modules Cohabitation and Marriage Most centers start with the Main Curriculum Pack, which covers pregnancy (all trimesters), birth, early parenting skills, newborn care, breastfeeding, bonding, and labor and delivery lessons. As the program at the PRC matures and the clients want to learn more, additional packs may be added. Updating EWYL With such a large collection of lessons, it is important that the in- formation presented is up-to-date and accurate. Heritage House makes a constant and purposeful effort to keep the resources and lessons professional, correct, and effective. While upgrading is optional, it is the best for both the center and clients to keep the lessons current. For some changes, such as with car seats or CPR, a center should have a policy to update immediately. To have the most effective pro- gram, centers need to have the most current program.