Project Activities


Students will engage in collaborative learning within their groups. The class as a whole will review how to use the computer and its accessories.
The teacher will decide based on the questionnaire filled out by the class how each student will be grouped based on their expertise in computers to evenly space them out in groups.
The short term goal will be to create a story board or poster to help them visualize their project. Which will then be displayed in the classroom.
Each group will decide who will be the group leader, recorder, and time keeper. Every student will be responsible for turning in their own idea and having the  project typed up. The major milestone will be for the groups to collaborate and use a little of each others project.  So then, they will create a cohesive project combining all of their work together.
The project will be about one colony, one famous colonist, what type of challenges they faced, and what lasting effect they on our nation today.
Students will turn in a typed version of their project and present an oral presentation explaining the PowerPoint or iMovie.
Mrs. Lee's class and Mrs. Packard's class will have an open house to celebrate with the students, parents, staff, and community.