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                                             Take Flight!                                                       A Web Quest for 7th Grade Scientists
                         Table of Contents
Team member responsibilities
Step 1:  Flugtag/Comparing aircraft
Step 1 worksheet
Step 2: Choose your animal
Step 2 worksheet
Step 3:  animal flight types
Step 4  human powered flight
Step 5:  Back to Flugtag!
Step 6:  Do your PowerPoint presentation
Grading rubric for Step 6
Sample PowerPoint project
Teacher Page

For 100 years people have been flying—but not under  their own power!  Beginning with the Wright Flyer in 1903, airplanes have used fossil fuel to push forward and upward.  

Many animals do fly on their own, though.  Can you name three that do?

Your team’s mission is to research how a particular animal flies, and to design a system for human-powered flight based on the flight mechanism of that animal.  

Your final product will be a PowerPoint presentation showing your findings.  To see how to get a good grade on this project, and on the smaller assignments leading up to it,
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