German Concentration Camps

A Study of Persecution



  •  Class will be broken into 5 groups.  Using Power Point, groups will create a slide show presentation to inform and to educate the rest of the class. Each student will be responsible for three slides, and then you will import all of your group’s individual slides into one slide show presentation.
  • Each group will be assigned to one of the following topics: Nazi Rule, Jews in Germany, The “Final Solution”, Nazi Camps, and Rescue and Resistance.  Within the groups, each student will focus on one of the subtopics that is covered. Information for these topics can be found at the following website:
  • Each student will be responsible to research and to compile necessary information about his or her topic and make three slides.
  • Once all members of your group have finished researching and making their slides, the group will come together and combine the slides into one slide show.