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Task 18:  Final Reflection


Keeping in mind the course enduring understandings,


·  Good” readers use cognitive strategies as they read.

·  Some reading strategies are more appropriate and more effective for certain genres.

·  Modeling reading, making the implicit explicit, is essential for teaching students to become strategic readers.

·  Students need time to practice reading.


in a word document, reflect on the following:


What was the biggest aha about reading in Middle School? 

What new learning will have the most impact on your classroom?

What new learning will be the most challenging for you?

What are your next steps in incorporating the new information into your teaching?


Post as an attachment in the forum and email a copy to the instructors.


Your reflection will be assessed on the following rubric

Reflection Rubric


Reflection shows thorough thoughtfulness.

Reflection has supporting details and examples.

All parts of the reflection are complete and well done.


Reflection shows some thoughtfulness.

Reflection has some supporting details and examples.

All parts of the reflection are complete.


Reflection shows little thoughtfulness.

Reflection has few details or examples.

Most parts of the reflection are complete.


Reflections show no thoughtfulness.

Reflection has no details.

Reflection is incomplete.